• Portable

    Weighs only 11kg – the smallest, lightest CIJ printer in its class

    Can be mounted directly onto your production line

    Easy to move between lines with a carry handle and printhead dock

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  • Simple

    No prior knowledge or training of CIJ needed

    Colour touchscreen with unique image-based code selection

    Self-service – quick and simple to service yourself

    Clean fluid cartridge refills

    Integrated line speed sensor ensures coding at the right time in the right place on your product

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  • Quality

    Made by Linx Printing Technologies – the recognised leader in CIJ printhead technology

    Quality CIJ code compared to other non-CIJ technologies

    Stainless steel printer with IP55 rating

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Printing speeds and sizes

Lines of print supported


Maximum message length


Message height range

1.8mm to 5.6mm

Character width range

1.7mm to 4.38mm

Maximum characters p/sec


Recommended distance from printhead to substrate


Maximum line speed

1 line 2.66m/s, 2 lines 1.54m/s

Software features

Step by step message creation and editing

Message preview

On-screen help and diagnostics

31 languages

On-screen keyboards

Single touch print start, print pause and printer shutdown

Password protected functions with custom profiles for secure, mistake-proof operation

PrintSync® – automatically ensures the best quality code, whatever your line speed or message format

Simple line speed and shaft encoder set up wizard for installation on new lines

On-screen instructions for changing consumables and more

Message store and printer settings back up, copy and restore using USB storage device

Message Printing Facilities

Text, symbols and numbers

Bold character printing

Rotated character (tower) printing

Variable character height and width

Product image message selection

Graphics and logos can be imported into the printer as files via the USB port

Automatic formats for printing dates and times (using the printer’s internal clock)

Sequential numbering, forward and backward counting, variable intervals

Automatic date forward function. Add increments of any type to the current date

Up to 1000 messages stored internally (depending on content) with more via USB

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