Are you producing more than 100 products a day?

If so then it’s more cost effective to use a CIJ printer than a manual coder. Here’s why:

  • The Linx 10 includes everything you need to get started, including mounting for your line and a line speed sensor for accurate coding
  • Replace costly labels, stamps and type blocks with one printer for all your coding needs
  • The Linx 10 is a self-service printer – follow the simple online prompts, no need for an engineer call-out
  • Keep your line moving with a printer from a reputable company known for manufacturing robust printers. The Linx CIJ printhead is sealed with critical parts protected. This ensures maximum uptime for you and fewer costs in the long run

What is a Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Printer?

‘CIJ’ printers are ideal for printing variable data such as best before dates and batch codes on various substrates and different shaped products. The non-contact nature of CIJ means that irregular surfaces can be clearly coded, and at higher line speeds than contact coding technologies. They won’t slow down your production line.

What can the Linx 10 code onto?

Whether it’s glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper or even wood, the Linx 10 can code on almost any dry surface, no matter what the size, shape or texture.

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