Are you paying for features that you don't need?

If you only need 2 lines of code, why pay for a printer that does 5? Do you really need connectivity or do you just want to code and mark quickly and simply? The Linx 10 prints up to ┬á2 lines of text, symbols and numbers, and includes essentials such as auto date formats, sequential numbering and auto date forward functions. It’s simple enough for what you need now. Also why pay for maintenance when you can service the Linx 10 yourself simply by following the on-screen instructions, and without complex replacement of critical systems.

Do you want better reliability from your CIJ printers?

Downtime costs money, so here’s how you can keep your line moving with the Linx 10:

  • The Linx 10 printhead is robust and reliable, with critical parts protected, and only needs minimal cleaning
  • Service the Linx 10 yourself, at a time that suits you; no regular engineer callouts required
  • The simple user interface makes code creation and selection really easy and error-free; no more costly recalls
  • We look after you – no matter how big or small your business is, you can rely on Linx to keep your line moving

Does size matter?

If your production facility is small, with limited space, a smaller portable printer like the Linx 10 will fit in easier; exactly where you need it on your line, without taking up valuable space. The Linx 10 can be moved quickly and easily between different lines. If you have seasonal variations in volume and require a printer to use only when you need it, the robust build, compact size and reliable nature of the Linx 10 mean it will support demand when required.

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