Parkinson Harness Technology

“The Linx 10 is very user-friendly.  Our operators just started creating codes themselves; they didn’t need to read a manual or be shown how to do it.” Clayton Smith, Maintenance Manager.

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Creative  Cosmetics

“For me, the major advantages of the Linx 10 are its flexibility and mobility.  It is half the size of our other printers, meaning I can position it exactly where I want.” Gregory Webb, Factory Manager.

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Nythe Farm Kitchen

“The Linx 10 has provided the ideal solution. As our business grows, the quality of our codes may become a factor in our ability to win new business so the capabilities of the Linx 10, including its ability to print effectively on many different pack substrates, will help to ensure we are ready to respond to new customer requirements.”  Leslie Dennis,. Technical Director.

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