Do you need to quickly set up lines to meet customer demands?

The Linx 10 weighs only 11kg – the smallest, lightest CIJ printer in its class. It can be mounted directly onto your production line, and the carry handle and printhead dock make it easy to move between lines. The integrated line speed detector removes the need to install additional equipment and reduces setup time. The Linx 10 is the only printer of this compact size with this feature. Line speed and product are detected automatically and code printed at just the right time, in just the right position, even when line speed varies.

How much training is required for my team?

No prior knowledge or training of CIJ is required to use the Linx 10. The intuitive, colour touchscreen display uses unique image-based code selection making operation easy. The self-service feature means servicing is quick and simple to undertake yourself and clean fluid cartridge refills make the process straightforward and allows you to plan servicing around your usual line downtime.

How important is the printhead?

In CIJ, the printhead is king. It’s the main critical component of any system, so it’s important that the printhead is robust and protects the sensitive equipment inside. We have led the way for 30 years with our sealed, robust printhead which ensures continual printing and consistent code quality – you can trust a Linx.

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